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The Minnesota Security Dealers Association (MSDA) is a professional trade organization that works to improve the ethics, business standards and working environment for members, who are engaged in the buying, selling, and trading of securities. As one of the largest Securities communities in the country, MSDA is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 and is comprised of approximately 125 members/security traders active in the greater Metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Through membership in MSDA we support the national Security Traders Association in its ongoing efforts to represent our interests in Washington D.C.

The MSDA is committed to promoting the interests of our members throughout the global financial markets, providing representation of these interests in the legislative, regulatory, and technological processes, while fostering goodwill and high standards of integrity in accord with the Association's founding principle, Dictum Meum Pactum - "Our word is our bond".

Dear members and sponsors, I am excited about the opportunity to serve as the 2023 President of the Minnesota Security Dealers Association. I look forward to offering our members networking opportunities throughout the year, while providing relevant business content as our industry adapts to the proposed changes in Washington DC. Our industry is in a constant state of change, and 2023 does not appear to be any different. The MSDA board continues to strengthen its ties to the national Security Traders Association and its affiliates and brings you timely information about proposed market structure changes. With your participation, we can make a difference. Please visit the STA committee offerings at

On behalf of the 2023 MSDA Board, I want to thank you for your continued support as it makes all our charitable,educational, and social endeavors possible.

Jeff Sandefur

Minnesota Security Dealers Association.
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